Best Laptop for College Students Under $500

Best Laptop for College Students Under $500

Are you in search of a good laptop for college students? If yes, then this the right place to read for. As a college students, you might be interesting in running all the basic applications for productivity, gaming, and entertainment purpose. So for that laptop under $500 is fine, but if you want to running some high end application or play games then you have to stretch your budget.

The best laptop for college students under $500, will have all essentials of computing such as good battery, sharp display, decent processor and storage capacity. After reviewing and using laptop of different brands and their models, I have came up with a list of the best laptop for college students.

The list contains laptops from low to high end, so if you can easily find the difference between a laptop under $500 and $1000. In the review article, you will also find few laptop for students under $500.

So let’s go ahead and checkout the specifications of all the top-rated laptop for college.

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